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  1. Direct patient care appointments

  2. Family/Caregiver workshop  


Direct Patient Care

New patient appointments may be requested as a consultation by a physician, or as a self-referral. 


Follow-up appointments will be scheduled based on individual needs.


Under specific situations, if an established patient's condition limits his/her ability to come to the office, telemedicine may be an option for follow-up care and care coordination.  This will require that patient, +/- caregiver, is present at the time, has access to a WiFi connected computer and the ability to log into a secure portal.  

Direct patient care services often address one or all of the following:

  • goals of care

  • advance care planning

  • symptom management

Family/Caregiver Workshop

Caring for a loved one who suffers from dementia or other serious medical conditions associated with cognitive impairment can be frightening, exhausting and emotionally difficult.  Often times families are overwhelmed by their limited knowledge of the health care system and uncertainty over how they can best advocate for their loved one in the present and in the future. 

  • This workshop is targeted towards family members, caregivers and healthcare agents.

  • The purpose is to assist family members in identifying the needs and goals of a loved one with complex medical conditions and to help guide them through the healthcare system.

  • This workshop does not involve direct patient care and therefore specific treatments and recommendations for treatment can not be provided.

  • During this workshop, we will together strive to identify the needs of the individual, and how they can be best provided to enhance quality of life.  Additionally we will discuss how to plan for the future.

About the Patient Portal

PalliMD is pleased to provide a HIPAA compliant, secure patient portal through our electronic medical records provider, Kareo.  Participation in the portal is voluntary but recommended to enhance patient-physician communication and coordination of care.  Here you can view your health record and download it to send to your other physicians.  You will also be able to access any patient education materials that

Dr. Sung has given you, as well as send and receive non-urgent messages to Dr. Sung.  It may take 72 hours to receive a response.  Please note, the portal is not to be used for triage, diagnosis, or treatment, and it should not be used for urgent communication.  Any urgent conditions should be handled by calling the office.  You will be able to invite entrusted "guests" (family members or your health care agent) to view your portal.  You or your "guest" can make payments on your account via the portal. 



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